Flawsome Trend – Brands and Business Model Examples

Flawsome Trend – Brands and Business Model Examples

Following on from part one of our ‘Flawsome Trend – Is Your Business or Brand Flawsome?’ article, listed below are some good examples of Flawsome Trend brands and businesses to get the inspirational juices flowing. The third and final Flawsome Trend article features Flawsome flops or stategies to avoid when trying to be Flawsome.

Flawsome - BZ WBK's Bank of Ideas

Flawsome – BZ WBK's Bank of Ideas

One of Poland’s main banks BZ WBK added the Bank Pomysłów (‘Bank of Ideas’) where customers can publicly suggest new facilities and how the bank can improve its current services Ideas can be voted up or down by other customers and so far over 300 customer suggestions have been implemented.

Flawsome Trend - Chevrolet's 2010 TV series

Flawsome Trend – Chevrolet's 2010 TV series

Inspired by HGTV’s House Hunters, in September 2010 Chevrolet applied Flawsome trend principles and commissioned a TV series in which customers looking for a new car drove vehicles from themselves, Honda and Toyota and gave their opinions. To ensure impartiality, the brand employed the research company GfK to conduct the test drive. Chevrolet came out on top in 43 out of 70 tests.

Flawsome Trend - Allstate-owned Esurance

Flawsome Trend – Allstate-owned Esurance

Allstate-owned Esurance released a new Flawsome trend campaign in December 2011 asking what makes a company trustworthy? The commercial suggested that hearing what a company’s customers have to say is the most reliable answer, and encouraged potential customers to check out the brand’s Facebook page to see what customers really think of their service.

Flawsome Trend - Four Seasons Hotel

Flawsome Trend – Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons luxury hotel chain overhauled its website in January 2012 to include Flawsome Trend customer reviews from TripAdvisor and comments from Facebook and Twitter. Comments are placed prominently and users can click through to external content, something that is still a rarity on luxury brand websites.

Flawsome Trend- Smashbox Shop

Flawsome Trend- Smashbox Shop

Beauty brand Smashbox’s Social Shop uses the Flawsome Trend by taking the Facebook like facility one step beyond by showing Facebook ‘Likes’ and comments alongside specific products. Users can also see products that their friends have commented on or liked.

Flawsome Trend- Theatre Seats

Flawsome Trend- Theatre Seats

Theaters, including Connecticut’s Norma Terris Theater, are applying the Flawsome trend by experimenting with reserving special seats where audience members who want to discuss the performance via social media can continue to use their mobile devices. The seats are often in the back row to avoid distracting other (non-tweeting) members of the audience.

Flawsome Trend - Starwood Hotels

Flawsome Trend – Starwood Hotels

Starwood Hotels’ attempt at the Flawsome trend started on October 2011 by publishing customer reviews on their website, although the reviews are collected internally rather than sourced from external sites.

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